Virtual Organizing

Virtual Organizing is for people who are organizing on a budget, prefer to work alone, with family members, or close friends, or those who are self-starters and enjoy DIY (do it yourself) projects in their home.

No matter where you live, PHL Organizer can assist you with your organizing goals. As your virtual coach, I will provide a plan, meet with you via text, phone, and/or email and guide you to meet your organizing goals. The best candidates for Virtual Organizing feel they can accomplish their goals on their own but want to ensure they find specific efficiency, peace, and harmony in their home they may not be able to produce on their own.

Virtual Organizing is done in a well-planned timeframe using my recommended tools and resources. You’ll chat with me on a weekly basis tracking progress, planning upcoming tasks, setting benchmarks, asking questions or sharing concerns, and receiving personalized feedback. In between coaching sessions, you’ll work on your organizing assignments on your own (often clients will work with a friend or family member). If questions arise in between coaching sessions, you may text or email me for advice.

Who is a good match_


  • Those who like to work on their own schedule, no matter what time of day.
  • Those who are on a tight budget.
  • Those who communicate well via texting, phone, and email and don’t mind sending photos of their space via email.
  • Those who are honest with themselves and their coach.


What to expect

The first step is to learn more about your space and identify any issues or organizing roadblocks. Then we will develop an action plan to get you organized within a specific timeframe. Your action plan will include space planning recommendations and other tools and resources to make your space more functional, organized, and efficient. We will set up weekly meetings to discuss progress and gauge your progress.  I will be your accountability partner and personal cheerleader throughout the organizing process! Action plans are customized personally to each client.




What to expect (1)


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This package includes an initial
assessment (30-minute phone
consultation) plus three 30-minute
weekly phone coaching sessions.
You’ll receive a written action plan
after the assessment, plus unlimited
email/text support if questions or
concerns arise.
Clean and Tidy Membershiip (29)
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The timeline will be 6 weeks to a 
maximum of 12 weeks. The package
includes an initial assessment
(1-hour phone consultation) plus 5
to 11 weekly phone coaching sessions.
You’ll receive a written action plan
after your assessment, plus unlimited
email or text support as questions or
concerns arise.

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