Are you stressed just walking through your door?

Is there a certain room or area of your home that has become a dumping ground?

PHL Organizer provides coaching and works side by side with you to declutter your space, removes your unwanted items for you, and will set up customized organizational systems for you to help keep you organized.

Embarrassed by your clutter? Don’t be! You have entered the judgment-free zone!


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“Best organizer I’ve worked with.” -Harry D. -Wayne, PA

“5 stars because she made this whole experience, which I thought was going to TOTALLY SUCK, pretty enjoyable!” Taylor F. – Philadelphia, PA

“Her expertise and quality really shine compared to my experiences with other companies in the past. I’ve recommended her to multiple friends who have been very happy with her services. -Leila E. – Philadelphia, PA

“Arrived on time and was very pleasant to work with! Work was excellent!” Sue S. – Northeast Philadelphia

“Great value and longevity in her skills; especially her advice. Laura is the real deal.” – Brooke L. – Philadelphia, PA

“I enjoy Laura’s demeanor and calmness to support me with my goal of less is more!” Sandy T. – Hoboken, NJ

“Very professional and my house looked great.” -Dana K. – Ridley, PA

As a full-time worker AND mom, I don’t know what I’d do without Laura!” -Amber H. – Philadelphia, PA

“Laura showed up on time and ready to work. She is very professional and has a relaxed demeanor, which is comforting when you have piles of junk to go through and donate/trash. She also had a lot of tips for future reference!” Lindsey E. – South Jersey

“I can’t recommend her enough.” -Giselle L. -Media, PA


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Helping You Find Peace...


Removal of Unwanted Items/ Donations

Paper Management

Space Planning



Home Cleaning

Garage or Estate Sale Preparation

Moving Preparation

General organizing of Closets, Pantry, Bedrooms, Home Office, Garage, Attic, Kitchen, Bathroom, Storage Areas, Basement, ETC.

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What is the Process_


30-60 minutes


 The initial assessment is completed via texting, a phone call, or an e-mail to learn more about your organizing needs and your personal goals. Pictures may be requested. During your initial assessment will decide if an in-home assessment is necessary, discuss booking options, and/or schedule your sessions.


45-60 minutes


There are times when an In-Home Assessment is requested or required. This may be due to more information being needed before professional recommendations can be made.

During your In-Home Assessement we will look at the rooms in your home you would like to organize. We will discuss information about you and your family’s lifestyle, interests, hobbies you may have, which areas of organization you may be struggling with, and other information to help better understand your situation and how to get you the best results. Once this information is gathered you will receive a detailed plan of action, with an estimation of hours required for completion*. With an in-home assessment, you are not obligated to purchase further services beyond the $50 in-home assessment fee. 

*estimates are given to the best of my ability. Since all homes, spaces, organizing projects, and people are different, it can be difficult to estimate time frames.

Helping You Find Peace... (3)


3 hour session6 hour session

$75 an Hour*

Sessions are scheduled for 3 or 6-hour blocks.




original (1)

10 Hours*


10% Discount/ $60.00 Savings!

original (2)

15 Hours*


15% Discount!/ $127.00 Savings

original (3)

 20 Hours*


20% Discount/ $217.00 SAVINGS!!!!



_There is a 3 hour minimum for all scheduled sessions. All sessions must be prepaid. Packages may be combined!__All organizing services require a full assessment.



Helping You Find Peace...

PHL Organizer is owned and operated by Laura Zdanavage, a Top Professional Organizer and the leading expert in minimalist organizing in the Philadelphia area! Laura is also the ONLY Organizing Top Pro on Thumbtack in the Philadelphia Area! This is no small feat as Top Pros on Thumbtack make up less than 4% of all professionals on Thumbtack? Laura resides in South Philadelphia with her husband and 3 children. cropped-untitled-2.gifAs stated above, Laura is a minimalist, “natural homemaker”, and a self-proclaimed “declutter queen”. Before she founded PHL Organizer, Laura had over 15 years of experience in business management, corporate productivity, and corporate development. Through her corporate experience, Laura found her passion for all things organization and wanted to transition into working with individuals in their homes. In early 2015, Laura officially started PHL Organizer.

Helping You Find Peace... (1)PHL Organizer is a green and minimalist organizing company. Think of PHL Organizer as a personal trainer for your home! All services are conducted by Laura and PHL Organizer is fully background checked, licensed, and insured! All home cleaning products are homemade by Laura and safe for babies/kids, dogs, or people with health issues.








Do You Need Help_

If you haven’t worked with a Professional Organizer you may not know what to expect. Just think of me as a personal trainer for your home. I’ll keep you focused, motivated, on track, and help you reach your organizational goals! You will never feel judgment or pressure. I am a friend lending you a helping hand to reach your goals.

Do you feel overwhelmed or stressed due to the lack of organization in your home?

Do you not have enough time to complete the daily, weekly and monthly tasks that you’d like to complete?


Home organization is a universal stress trigger! According to a recent online survey, 84% of recently stressed Americans say they worry that their home isn’t clean or organized enough, and within that group, 55% called it out as a source of recent stress.

Ready for the next step? Visit the Menu to learn more about services offered. Looking for home cleaning services? Visit the Clean Home page! Do you have questions? Visit the FAQs first! Don’t see a specific service you were looking for? Contact me so we can discuss!